Puzzling Rush Expects You To Figure This Sh*t Out Yourself [Review]


Puzzling Rush

I really like it when a game doesn’t treat me like an idiot. It makes me feel smart and respected not to have to sit through a tutorial that explains the most basic tenets of the game like one character on CSI explaining to another what DNA is.

Puzzling Rush by Right Fusion
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $1.99

But this appreciation has limits, especially when the developer doesn’t even bother telling me what the backstory is and why I’m fighting these people.

Puzzling Rush is one such game, and while I know that I don’t need much of a refresher on how match-threes work, it’s still mostly up to you to figure out how the hell to play it.

Puzzling Rush
Go win all these fights. Why? Because we said so, damn it.

Puzzling Rush is a fantasy-themed title that puts you into a series of match-three battles against increasingly difficult opponents for reasons unknown to man or science. But it’s a puzzle game, so it may be unfair to expect Game of Thrones or something.

A bigger issue is that the game’s “tutorial” is five pictures that kind of assume that you already know what all the tiles mean. But they’re tiles. You match them. What’s the big deal?

It’s mostly up to you to figure out how the hell to play it.

Well, here’s how a round works: You make a match, and then your army attacks. You have five standard tiles, and matching them does different things. The shields raises your defense for your opponent’s next attack, the sword makes your army hit harder, and the water, earth, and fire energy tiles build up the meters on your three equipped spells.

The magic happens automatically once the meters are full, but once again, your only indication of what any of them do is a bunch of pictures. So until you’re clear on what’s happening, it’s impossible to build up any kind of strategy. And that’s too bad because your patience will get you a decent game provided you don’t give up before you catch on.

Puzzling RushGame Name: : Puzzling Rush
The Good: Standard match-three addictiveness with some interesting strategic opportunities.
The Bad: Vague tutorial, and the board is way too small for an iPhone screen.
The Verdict: Once you figure it out, the game is actually pretty fun. It just would have been nice to have a little more help getting there.
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