Veronica Mars Movie Arrives On iTunes The Same Day As It Does In Theaters



While new movies and TV shows appear every day on iTunes, it’s rare that a movie debuts on iTunes and in movie theaters on the exact same day.

Veronica Mars does just that.

The revival of the cult classic TV show — which was cancelled after just two-and-a-half seasons — was funded via Kickstarter and is now available for viewing both in movie theaters, and (thanks to iTunes) the comfort of your own home.

While its reviews so far have been middling, it does serve as another example of how iTunes is shaking up distribution — perhaps learning a lesson or two from Beyoncé’s surprise album which crashed Apple servers last December when it arrived on Apple’s media platform, circumventing traditional methods of distribution.

In the case of a fan-favorite hit like Veronica Mars, it makes perfect sense to go straight to the fans in as direct a way as possible.

And when you’re talking direct, in 2014 that means streaming via iTunes.

For anyone who wants to catch up on Veronica Mars, iTunes is also selling the previous episodes, priced at $19.99 per season.

Source: iMore

  • Awesome…I hope we see more movies coming out to rent same day as theaters.

    • Luke Dormehl

      It’s amazing to think that in the early days of VHS the wait from cinema to home entertainment was around a year.

    • lucascott

      Indie stuff is already starting to hit iTunes etc before it hits the theatre, but big stuff, don’t hold your breath. If a movie can get butts in seats that is the only way it will be out there.

      The truth is that this movie is not likely to get butts in seats. It’s basically a long show episode. It probably shouldn’t even be in theaters at all but rather released as a webisode series or just to iTunes etc.