Burstly’s SkyRocket Users Get 90-Day Notice Following Apple Acquisition



When Apple acquired Burstly last month, the company behind popular iOS app beta platform Testflight, a lot of people questioned how it would discontinue support for Android and the wider TestFlight SDK to new users.

According to a document acquired by TechCrunch, this won’t be the only aspect of Burstly’s business looking to wind down.

TC received a March 11 letter from a customer using Burstly’s SkyRocket product — a part of its business focused on app monetization — which notes that Burstly is terminating its publishing and SDK license agreement on June 9. The letter (with identifying information redacted) is reproduced below:

Publishing and SDK License Agreement – Termination

This letter serves as written notice that Burstly, Inc. shall terminate the Publishing and SDK License Agreement, dated as of XXXX, pursuant to Section X. Pursuant to this notice, the Agreement shall terminate as of 90 days from the date that notice is provided in accordance with Section XX of the Agreement.

We are looking forward to a smooth transition as we conclude our relationship under the Agreement.

Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rifkin

While the letter (which is signed by one of Burstly’s co-founders) does not 100% confirm that SkyRocket is shutting down, this appears to be the message — and TC notes that it has heard reports about people on the mediation team at SkyRocket being let go as of two weeks ago.

Apple, as usual, offered no confirmation either way.

Source: TechCrunch