DeskPal, A Desk Tidy For This Century


I just upgraded my desk to a 1.65-meter monster, a €40 workbench from the hardware store that I cut down to a 64cm height, and which can support up to 200 kilos. If you’re still not with the metric system (and why would you be? After all, it was only introduced like 215 years ago), that means it’s big enough for two people to work at it or stand on it.

But it still gets messy. What I need is a pal to tidy it for me. A DeskPal maybe?

How could you argue with a pitch that says that it “promises to clean up that workspace while looking sharp and dapper at the same time”? You can’t.

The little desk tidy is a wooden tray with slots and channels routed into it that turn it not only into a place for pens, pencils and the other modern desktop detritus like SD cards and bent paperclips (for SIM removal yo), it also lets you prop up an iPad and an iPhone at the same time.

And unlike some desks which build these features in, the DeskPal can be moved to wherever you need it, including your nightstand or the bathroom (I do some of my best work on the toilet).

The DeskPal comes in a choice of woods, and can currently be reserved for as little as $30 (US$27) in Kickstarter. That’s AU430, or thirty Australian dollars, or thirty “ozbux” as they’ve never been called by anyone. Folks outside Australia (which is almost everyone, really, given that the country iOS so sparsely populated) will have to pay an additional 15 ozbux for shipping.

Forecast delivery date is June, which is Christmas in Australia, or something.

Source: Kickstarter

  • “I do some of my best work on the toilet”: too much information. BTW: I could have said something about what other people do on the toilet, but…

    30 bucks for a shitty piece of wood? I can make 10 of these on a lazy afternoon, solid handwork, no CNC machine needed. Why is it that everybody falls for this way overpriced nonsense?

    • Jack Holland

      If you can make 10 of these in an afternoon then why didn’t you ? Maybe because you didn’t have the idea – or the skills to design it, prototype it and bring it to market ?

      Also, not all of us are as gifted as you at woodwork, nor do we have the necessary tools or time. And that’s why I’ll be giving DeskPal my $30, and not you, Mr Ahles…

      • You are right, I did not have the idea. And no, I’m not jealous.

        What design are you talking about? A rectangular piece of wood with a couple of slots machined into it? Prototyping? About 2 or 3 tries should do. Bring it to market? Creating a kickstarter project you mean?

        I just want to point out that it should not be very difficult to just start a business and just work for you money. Instead people want to make lots of money right from the start and have willing victims pay for their startup costs, even for the most simple of items they produce. Normally you would talk to the bank about a loan for your CNC machine, but I guess the bank did not take them very serious.

        BTW: I’m not gifted at woodwork at all.

      • Mary

        Are you angry? Don’t like it then don’t support it. Very simple, but no need to be foul mouthed about it – are you still in high school or pretending to be a tough guy?

      • Angry? Not me! Foul mouthed? Because I said “shitty”? Have you got anything to add to the discussion or are you just commenting because you can?

      • Mary

        You come across as an arse, no need to add anything else I already did … have a great day.

      • Mary

        I guess comments like this one below just prove my point … yep, a real tough guy behind the camera. Late for me now, good night.

        Purported Service Manual Gives A Look At The Next Nexus Phone, Reveals 32GB Storage, 8MP OIS Camera, Photos, And More

        Patrick Ahles
        5 months ago

        you’re entitled to STFU! ;)

      • Oh, how easy to copy and paste one comment from a string of comments, totally out of context. Everybody who sees it in context will smile. But hey, haters gonna hate. Sleep well.

      • Mary

        I don’t hate you – what a silly, juvenile reaction – this has nothing to do with the precept of hate. I only called you out for your rude and dismissive words that were simply not necessary and then supported this with a comment you made in another online forum which – regardless of context – did indeed once again demonstrate your penchant for salty language in a public setting – I am sure there are other examples but I have better things to do. Maybe you should analyze what you write and think first before posting your unprofessional rants. Case closed.

      • Yes, hate, because you have made up your mind, no matter what I say, I’m the bad guy. Context is NEVER to be disregarded, you can’t just pick one comment on a totally unrelated subject and provide that as “proof” for your point of view. Talk about being professional…

      • Steve Smith

        Yes … but do you understand the metric system?

    • lucascott

      If it’s just a piece of wood yeah perhaps the price is a tad high. But if they worked in a charging station then it’s perhaps cheap