Finally: Due App Updated For iOS 7


Remember when the iPad first shipped and it didn’t have a clock app? Ah, happy days. Because who would want o use an iPad to set an alarm right? After all, it only comes to bed with you and sits on your nightstand until the morning when you wake up and grab it to read the news.

Back then, Due was the app of choice to add reliable alarms to the iPad, and since then it has turned into a full-on reminder app with timers for anything and everything. And now – finally – it has been updated to not look hideous on iOS 7.

There’ something ironic about an app dragging its heels, when it got its start thanks to Apple dragging its heels. But whining aside, this update looks good, even though it adds no new features (you’ll have to wait for v2 for that).

Due still lets you configure crazy complex timers (every third Tuesday at 3AM? Sure!) and still lets other apps use it to set timers thanks to great URL scheme support, but now it does it in svelte gray instead of pinstripes that would have made OS X Aqua blush.

The Lady still uses Due for her alarms, despite the fact that iOS 7 can do it for her. I wonder what she thinks of the new color scheme. Due remains at $5.

Source: App Store
Via: MacStories