All We Love About iOS 7.1 Plus Pono Player Takes On iPod On The CultCast



This time ’round on The CultCast: all that we love about iOS 7.1; more rumors swirl of a 4.7 and 5.7-inch iPhone 6; an intriguing new iPod challenger gets a ton of buzz; why Flappy Bird might fly back into the App Store; 2014 brings a new MS Office; and iTunes Radio is more popular than you thought…

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CultCast #117 – Don’t Do Drugs!

On The CultCast this week

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Erfon Elijah – Cult of Mac writer and host of The CultCast.
Buster Heine – Cult of Mac writer and community manager.
Alex Excelsior Heath – Cult of Mac writer, actor, and alien probe expert.

This Week’s Stories

All that we love about iOS 7.1 (discussion)

Apple’s Larger iPhones Will Reportedly Be A Mix Of The iPhone 5c And iPod Nano

Apple’s Larger iPhone Design Said to Be Inspired by iPhone 5c and iPod Nano

You Just Missed The Opportunity To Be Tim Cook’s Neighbor

Flappy Bird Creator Says He’s Considering Bringing The Game Back To Flap Again

Microsoft Will Finally Put Out A New Office For Mac This Year

iTunes Radio Is Already The Third Most Popular Music Streamer

Neil Young Hopes His iPod Rival Will Rock The Free World