IPod is Bigger Than Jesus?



The iBelieve is a $13 cap and lanyard for the iPod shuffle that turns the player into a cross when hung around your neck.

The site, which is very slick, appears to be genuine — at first glance. But there’s something fishy about it. First off, the site says:

“Inspired by the world’s obsession and devotion to the iPod, iBelieve is a replacement lanyard for your Shuffle. It is a social commentary on the fastest growing religion in the world.”

This clearly refers to the iPod — the iPod is the fastest growing religion in the world.

Then there’s the “biblical” quote in the upper right corner, taken from “2 Jobs 3:15.” It reads:

“But now bring me a man who plays music. And when the man played music, the groove came upon them.”

According to BibleGateway, the quote is a version of 2 Kings 3:15, which says: “‘But now bring me a man who plays music.’ And when the man played music, the power of the Lord came upon Elisha.”

A quick Whois search reveals the iBelieve site is registered to Scott Wilson of Portland, Oregon, who happens to be an award-winning designer. Wilson currently works at Nike, was formerly at IDEO, and is founder of design shop MOD.

So is the iBelieve lanyard real? It seems to be. The shopping mechanism works, and transports you to PayPal when you place an order.

I’ve e-mailed Scott and will post his response here if/when I get a reply.

Update: I blogged this as I figured it out, but a bit of digging around first would have made things a lot easier. It is in fact by Scott Wilson, who first sent notice of the iBelieve to MoCo Loco, from whence it spread around the blogosphere.

2 responses to “IPod is Bigger Than Jesus?”

  1. John says:

    Cool… very interesting concept and statement at the same time! I like how he uses the 2 Kings quote as a commentary at the same time as it being funny.