iOS 7.1 Warns You When It’s About To Fire The Flash


The iOS 7 update has another nice tweak in the camera app. Just like the iPhone 5S warns you when it decides to automatically engage the HDR mode, it now tells you when it’s going to fire the flash. To be honest, you should probably have the flash turned off all the time, but if you don’t, you at least now get a warning before it powers up and washes out your poor subject’s skin tones.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed ekhotchocolate (via Twitter), we see that a little flash icon appears at the bottom of the camera screen when the LED lamp is due to fire. This will let you catch it and switch it off before you do something embarrassing like shining your iPhone’s lamp onto some contemporary dancers while they concentrate up on stage (something I’ve totally never ever done), or just avoid disturbing somebody as you snap a quick (and legal) upskirt shot.

Source: Twitter
Thanks: Hot Chocolate!