1Password 4.2 For Mac Released With Over 30 New Features



Today AgileBits released 1Password 4.2 for Mac, a big update to the popular password manager that brings over 30 new features and improvements. The bulk of the additions are actually for 1Password mini, the app’s browser extension for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

You can finally edit items directly in 1Password mini, which has been one of the app’s biggest feature requests from users. There are a lot of other improvements included in the update, and AgileBits has commissioned Lonely Sandwich to make an awesome promo:

The full list of changes:

1Password mini
 • You can now edit items directly within 1Password mini!
 • Edit generated passwords in 1Password mini, too
 • Greatly improved URL matching makes logging in to sites with sub domains easy
 • Configure URL matching for sub domains in 1Password > Preferences > Browser
 • Improved support for multiple Chrome profiles
 • By popular request, 1Password mini now shows Secure Notes!
 • 1Password mini now supports fuzzy search. For example: “oogle” will now return items named “Google”
 • 1Password’s AutoSave window will prompt to save new Logins in your primary vault by default
 • AutoSave now searches all vaults before asking to save/update new Logins
 • You can now choose which vault to use when saving a new Login
Item Editing
 • You can now resume editing if 1Password locks or quits in the middle of a change
 • You can even switch vaults while editing an item and resume editing when you switch back
 • Easily rename tags directly within the sidebar
 • Item note editing now supports Undo/Redo
 • New Find Backup button allows you to restore external backup files
 • You can now restore from a backup when launching 1Password for the first time
 • Improved sync performance
 • Improved sync error reporting
New Languages
 • Catalan and Danish localization
 • Use Go&Fill from the main application even when your browser is not open
 • You can now sort by Category in Security Audit
 • Improved import from CSV
 • Squashed many bugs reported by our awesome customers

1Password 4.2 is available now from the AgileBits, and it will be available in the Mac App Store shortly. The app costs $50.

Source: AgileBits

  • Alec

    Love the iOS 7 redesign of 1password at the end. Hope it comes out soon.

  • digitaldumdum

    There are three absolutely indispensable programs for the Mac. They are Default Folder, Quicksilver and… 1Password. It’s sits atop the list of my all-time favorite Macintosh utilities. AgileBits seems to never stop finding new and better ways to simplify the security of passwords and logins, and the ease of using them. For the record, I am in no way affiliated with the company. I’m just a HUGE fan.

  • Wanda

    I am a huge fan of 1Password too. When I had some questions about using it I found AgileBits to have terrific customer service. I can’t imagine how I managed without this software!

  • Who the hell is this guy??! His agent must be amazing! He is in the Coin video, the Wello video, and now the 1password video?! Are these all his products?!

    • Nathan Waters

      Adam Lisagor. He does a lot of great ad videos for great companies.


    • Ronbot 3

      LOL, he’s Adam Lisagor, the creator of the videos. He often stars in the videos he makes for his clients, I guess because he does a pretty good job of selling the product whilst making us smile.

      • Haha thanks for the reply! Mystery solved. Well, I love his videos and he is a great actor. I’m not complaining, haha

  • NorthernNight

    For “another” $50 bucks? Nope! Good app, but to charge 50 bucks for an upgrade is to much in my opinion.