Never Forget Cinco De Mayo Again – Add Holidays To Your Mac’s Calendar [OS X Tips]


Holidays Calendar

Quick – when is Earth Day this year? How about Saint Patrick’s Day? Not sure?

Then why not enable US Holidays in your Calendar app, right on your very own Mac? It’s quick, simple, and will make sure you never forget to wear green on March 17, or recycle on April 22.

If you’re wanting to track major US holidays in your Calendar app, simply launch it and head into the Preferences, either with a Command-Comma keyboard shortcut or just choosing Preferences… from the Calendar menu.

Clicking on the General tab at the top will get you to the Birthday and Holiday Calendar section, and you can enable these here with a quick check in the checkbox. Birthdays come from your Contacts app, so if you want to see those show up in Calendar, you’ll need to define a birthday for each of your contacts.

The holidays come from Apple’s own servers, so expect to see a few as soon as you click the box and then close the Preferences window.

Via: OS X Daily