iPhone 5 Saves Soldier's Life In Bomb Explosion [Video] | Cult of Mac

iPhone 5 Saves Soldier’s Life In Bomb Explosion [Video]



A Utah soldier has thanked Apple after his iPhone 5 helped save his life from a suicide bomb explosion while on tour in Afghanistan.

The metal ball bearings from the bomb ripped through the phone casing, but not Shaun Frank. While he suffered several superficial wounds from the blast, his sister claims that medics “did tell him when he got back to base that the iPhone probably saved his life.”

At first Apple refused to replace the phone, since Frank wanted to keep his broken device as a memento. When he sent the phone to Apple he was told that he could either keep the device he had or get a replacement — but not both.

After three months the company eventually agreed to provide a replacement iPhone 5, minus the holes.

Source: KSL