Skech Porter, One Of The Best iPad Cases Ever Updated For The Air And Mini


The Lady’s all-time favorite iPad case ever ever was the Porter from Skech, and the only reason she switched is because she wore the thing out. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to take advantage of the new Porter for iPad Air just yet, as she still has to suffer the indignity of using the old, fat, heavy and hot iPad 3.

I, however, with my svelte and perfect iPad Air, might call one in for review just to make her jealous.

The Porter keeps everything that made it good, and shrinks it for the new iPad. It’s a folio-style case, and was one of the first to turn into a stand by letting half of the rear part of the cover hinge away from the iPad. Previous to this, all case with stands had an extra flap that added weight and thickness.

It also comes with a hand strap so you can grab the iPad without gripping it, sleep/wake magnets. Wraparound protective corners and a clip-closed front flap.

If it’s anywhere near as good as its predecessor then it might just be the perfect iPad case. And it should be even lighter than v1.0.

How much? $50, and available in pink or black. And you can still buy the old version for your fat iPad 3 over on Amazon, for around half that price, or pick one up for the new fat iPad mini with Retina display.

Source: Skech

  • arybaryba

    I had the older version of this case for my iPad 3 and loved it for the protection and usefulness it provided on my bi-weekly trips between San Francisco and New York. Finally got my hands on the new version for my Air and it only got better. Still smaller and lighter than my wife’s iPad 3 with only Zagg leather back and Smart Cover. One of my al time favorite products, but a little hard to get at times.

  • Eric

    I had one of these for my iPad 3. It never folded back very well, and the stitching was awful. Then I found the Moko Slim-fit case on amazon. Way better for way less! Turns out they already have there’s out for the air:

  • JasonB1947

    Isn’t this a knock off of the MoKo case? Their’s has the same clip feature… which I think looks a bit ugly, and is a bit odd that you have to unclip it every time you want to use it as a stand.