Allo, The All-In-One Bike Speaker And iPhone Mount


Here we go: Just as the spring eases into the seasonal throne and forces winter to curl up and pretend to be a footstool for the next three months, along comes the Allo, a combination bike mount and speaker for your iPhone. It’s a Kickstarter project, but as the expected delivery date is May, you should get one in time for summer.

The design is as simple as can be, which I like a lot. The case clamps onto your handlebars and gives the iPhone a place to sit. It’s not weather=sealed or anything like that – it’s just a mount with a speaker.

The speaker itself connects via 3.5mm jack. Runs of a pair of AA batteries and puts out around 80–90 decibels. This lets you either play music as your ride, or lets you hear the spoken instructions from your satnav app of choice.

The price is $45, with a few $40 spots left if you get there fast enough.

I wonder if in-bike music will ever catch on? It’s normal enough to see/hear a car blasting out crappy summer club songs, but pretty much the only people who listen to music while biking are those crazy old men with like 20 rear-view mirrors on their handlebars along with a transistor radio gaffer-taped to the cockpit." Do you really want to be one of those men?

Source: Kickstarter