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Verbs IM Resurrected For iOS 7


Does anyone still use IM? In my home, we use iMessage, WhatsApp and Skype messaging, and almost nothing else. Apparently some folks still want to use AIM, Google Talk and Yahoo to do their chatting. And for them, Verbs IM has now been updated for iOS & and revamped to have a less annoying model for making money.

I have a feeling that the only people still using IM are the nerds that use it back when it was cool, only now they’ve left school and grown dubious neck hair instead. IM is still alive and strong, but it has become a segregated platform once again.

Verbs IM is now iOS 7 ready, on both the iPhone and the iPad, and works with MobileMe, AIM, Google Talk and Facebook chat. It also adds push notifications, making IM a lot more, uh, instant.

There’s more. Sync across devices, a new conversation view, mute, Dropbox file support and Jabber, which might make it work with our own CoM Hipchat rooms.

In short, it looks like it finally does everything you want it to. It’s also simpler to buy. Now the app costs $3 (free for existing users) and the complicated in-app purchase model has been ditched.

I’m checking it out right now, but none of my old AIM buddies seems to be online. I wonder if they’re even still alive?

Source: App Store