Apple Targets Big Spenders With New Loyalty Program Discounts



Apple has made some changes to its Customer Loyalty Program, adding new items and increasing the discount offered on existing ones.

The discounts — which quietly went into effect last week — are on offer to people who spend upwards of $5,000 on Apple products in a 12-month period, making this a loyalty program targeted predominately at companies and education customers.

There are three tiers to the discount program, with the $5K customers known as the red tier; rising to a $35K green tier; and finally a $200K blue tier.

With its recent changes, Apple has improved discounts by a couple of percentage points on items across all tiers. For example, Macs have moved from 5 to 6% in the lower tier, and to as much as 8% in the higher tier.

Select third-party accessory discounts have also gone from 5 to 10% on lower tiers, and higher on upper tiers.

iPads are discounted at around 2 to 4% based on model and quantity, while the company is additionally offering a “special iPad campaign” offering even bigger discounts for customers who bulk buy the device.

Apple has also started offering reductions on unlocked iPhones and Apple TV devices for the first time.

Source: TechCrunch