Wave Wave Goodbye To Your Sanity And Sense Of Competence [Review]


Wave Wave

Wave Wave reminds me of the end of a story called “Blind Alleys” from an old Tales from the Crypt comic. It’s about the residents of a home for the blind seeking revenge on their unscrupulous caregiver by setting him loose in a maze lined with razor blades with a starving dog. He’s running from the beast, slashing himself to ribbons but still staying ahead, “And then some idiot turned out the lights.”

Wave Wave by Thomas Janson
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99

Why does this twitchy arcade game remind me of that sadistic story? Because it hates me in the same way, starting me out at a disadvantage and then continuing to throw in sudden changes until I lose.

It’s a random, cruel, mechanical bull of a game, and you should absolutely play it.


The easiest part of Wave Wave is its controls: You control a line traveling through a weird geometric space, and you touch to go up and release to go down. And that’s the beginning and end of the game’s mercy upon you.

You’re trying to last as long as you can without hitting anything, which might be doable if Wave Wave didn’t constantly do things like rotate the screen, stretch it, compress it, or flip it. The inversion is the worst of the lot for me because I could never recover from that change.

It’s a random, cruel, mechanical bull of a game.

You have a few modes to choose from, but they all amount to the same basic idea: Try to avoid things while the computer sits in the bleachers and yells “Miss!” like an a-hole.

It’s challenging, is what I’m getting at here.

Wave WaveGame Name: : Wave Wave
The Good: It’s quick to pick up and learn, and the music and graphics are both excellent.
The Bad: It hates you. And it wants you to hate yourself.
The Verdict: For masochistic twitch fans, it’s one of the best offerings in the App Store.
Buy from: App Store – Wave Wave – Tom Janson



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