Clutch, A Purse That Holds Everything


This is pretty neat – it’s a clutch bag for a lay-dee, and it has a pocket for the iPad, as well as a spot inside for your iphone. If you were to lead it up with your cash and credit cards too, you could get one step closer to losing all of your valuable at once.

I kid of course. This is actually rather nice solution, and I wish there were one with slightly less “glamorous granny” styling. Oh wait, there is: it’s called the Wallet and comes in black leather, but it’s functionally identical to the Clutch.

Both have lots of slots inside, and both let you use the camera and microphone and all other ports when the iPad is still safe inside.

So now that my first wish (for a manlier version) has already been granted, I have another one. I’d like a version for the iPad mini or iPad Air. Because who still has one of those fat old iPads anyway right?

Available now, $80.
Source: Happy Owl