Steve Jobs Would Have Bought This Desk, Designed With Apple Products In Mind



What would your desk look like if it were designed with computers — not books, pencils and papers — in mind.

The makers of the SlatePro think it would look like this: a perforated bamboo surface with sturdy steel legs and build in stands for your smartphone or tablet.

The holes in the surface help circulate air to keep your devices cool, while also giving convenient ways to thread your various chargers up from below. There’s even a cup holder and a recessed area for your coffee cup.

I like the idea of the desk, although from a style perspective, I find it to be fairly ugly. I’m also concerned about those iPad and iPhone holders: push on those just a little, and your smartphone is going to have some nasty cracks.

Designed by Nathan Mummert of iSkelter, you can preorder yourself a SlatePro for $448, with delivery promised in June. That’s a good deal, considering they expect the price to rise to $698 when it reaches full commercial production.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: Gizmodo

  • dcj001

    “Steve Jobs Would Have Bought This Desk, Designed With Apple Products In Mind”

    No. He would not have bought this desk.

  • chas_m

    Rather a ghoulish claim to make, particularly without any merit. I suppose Steve Jobs would have read Cult of Mac over any other Mac sites as well, and oh look, John Brownlee just happens to be his favourite writer, according to this Ouija board I have handy …

    (the desk is not unworthy of consideration by any means, but any desk that encourages you to keep drinks next to your computer I would consider a serious lapse in judgement, so that’s Steve Jobs out right there)

  • ChiefPotato

    No, actually Steve Jobs would have likely hated this desk. A lot.
    This desk is the opposite of modern Apple design, which is all about the functionality being there but not in your face. This desk is the polar opposite, every ugly badly thought out and implemented “feature” is pushed right in your face instead of neatly integrated in the background.

    • BakaPenguin

      I thought Apple’s whole mantra these days was simplicity. This desk is certainly spartan and cleanly simple. A desktop with assorted device slots and storage spaces that are obvious in their function and easy to use. It sounds like Apple to me.

      • perpetuallearner

        BakaPenguin, if this is a ‘cleanly simple’ desk, I’m afraid to ask what you would call a complicated desk. I don’t particularly dislike this desk idea, but I believe everyone would agree a simple desk is one that is completely flat, with no slots or holes. This one, on the other hand, needs to come with instructions that explain what each slot and hole is for; I’m sure their function will not be ‘obvious’ to a lot of people.

  • Welly_eh

    Good old click-bait.

  • herbaled

    Jobs wouldn’t have bought this desk because it’s butt-hole ugly.