How To Forward Or Share Messages From Your iPhone In iOS 7 [iOS Tips]


forward iMessage
Ok, it's not racy, but you get the idea.

So you get a seriously racy iMessage from someone incredibly inappropriate, and you want to send it along to one of your close confidants. What do you do?

It used to be that you’d tap the Edit button in Messages to be able to forward them.

In iOS 7, there is no Edit button. Nor can you swipe to the left, as that just brings up the timestamps.

Nope, in iOS 7, you need to tap and hold the offending (yet awesome) message to bring up the More… pop up menu.

This will select the message you tapped on, and also allow you to tap on a little circle to the left of any of the other messages, selecting them, too. Now, instead of trashing the messages, you can hit the little curved arrow to the bottom right and send it along to anyone you can message.

Now you can share the joy with just about anyone. Just be sure to send a message before or after the one you send explaining you’re forwarding something–wouldn’t want anyone thinking you meant that racy tidbit about them, right?

  • Juan Antonio

    Wouldn’t copy and pasting the message achieve the exact same thing?