iPhones Less Likely To Be Damaged, More Likely To Be Stolen Than Other Smartphones



According to a new report, iPhone users are 46% less likely than other smartphone owners to need a replacement device due to accidental damage — but 65% more likely to have their device stolen or lost.

The insight comes from third-party insurance company ProtectCell, who based their findings on 2 million policies with various mobile device owners.

Other notable findings in the report note that when limiting repairs to screen damage or breakage, iPhone users are 11% less likely to require repairs compared to other smartphone owners — suggesting that either iPhones are sturdier devices than many of the other rival smartphones, or simply that their owners tend to be more careful with them.

ProtectCell also suggests that tablet users are, by and large, more careful than smartphone users — being 55% less likely to file for a replacement due to broken screens or other damage.

Source: Electronista

  • digitaldumdum

    “iPhones Less Likely To Be Damaged, More Likely To Be Stolen Than Other Smartphones”

    Less likely to be damaged because they’re made better, and owners handle them with greater care. More likely to be stolen because (despite what Android users imagine), more people want iPhones, one way or another.

  • lucascott

    This “report” (which is code for pile of crap) comes from an insurance company based on the claims from their clients, who by their own admission numbers about 2 million total (for all smart phones).

    Who knows how many policies they have on iPhones, how many actual claims have been made etc. for all we know they are basing their numbers on a mere 100 cases filed with them.

    if anything this is FUD being pushed out there as a sales tactic to sell their policies since Apple Care doesn’t cover theft.