Jawbone’s Up Coffee App Tracks Your Caffeine Intake


How much coffee do you drink? If you drink any at all, then the answer is probably “Too much.” And how does all that caffeine affect you? Now, with Jawbone’s new Up Coffee app, you can find out.

The app lets you track your caffeine intake and monitor its effects on you. If you use the UP armband, it’ll also tell you whether your late-night espresso habit is ruining your sleeping patterns (spoiler: it probably is). Even without the UP, the app promises to let you explore the mysteries of caffeine by using data analysis and some ominous-sounding “experiments.”

Whatever, the app looks amazing, especially the little coffee animation on the main screen. I just installed it to test, but my hands won’t stop shaking long enough to let me search to see if Aeropress coffee is on the list.

UP Coffee is free and available now.

Source: Jawbone
Source: App Store