Findery Is Like Instagram, Only You Share Places Not Photographs


Findery, from inventor of Flickr Caterina Fake, is like Instagram for places, or maybe Foursquare for everywhere – even that street corner you like or the park bench you read on sometimes on Sundays.

Findery is a an iOS app and web site, and it lets you save pictures and make notes about places, and either share them with anyone, or just people you know, or even just yourself.

This last feature – private “sharing” of places – solves a problem I have most days: I see a neat place an want to remember it. Specifically, I want to remember where it was. Findery does that, letting me take photos, write notes and save them on a map.

But the main point is sharing and finding. You can share a note about a place with everyone, or a specific person. Maybe you share your favorite cafe with your weekend visitors, or a great bike shop with the folks in your bike polo team.

You can find stuff too. Take a look at the map and see what’s around you, with pictures and notes from folks who know better than you do about the local customs.

Right now things are a little sparse on the ground in Leipzig, German, where we’re currently blanketed in fog, but I figure that if Findery takes off, then it will become indispensable. Let’s just hope Yahoo doesn’t then buy it and lock it out in the back yard for ten years.

Findery is available now, and free. You can find me on there at

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