Gripster, Possibly The Handiest iPad Air Case Ever Made


Native Union’s Gripster case is now available for the iPad Air, and it looks like the perfect accessory for folks who own an iPad air and also have hands. Yes, hands – those prehensile utilihooks at the ends of your chestal meat-sticks.

The case combines a grip, a stand and a cover, and is possible even better suited to the Air than it is to the mini, for which it is already available.

The case comes in “standard” or in two colors of leather, and sides onto your iPad like any other folio+shell style case. The front flap rolls up and around the back to become a hand grip, which looks perfect for reading in portrait orientation. And then there’s the grip.

This loop sits flush with the back until you pop it out and twist it on its turret to use it as a handle, or as a kickstand. If you take a look at the promo image on the site you’ll see just how versatile this can be.

It looks rather handy, and there should be one on its way to Cult of Mac’s underground volcano base in Germany for testing purposes. We’ll let you know how it goes.

From $70.

Source: Native Union
Thanks: Arthur!

  • This case looks interesting. It looks slim and protective. However I don’t think the strap is necessary. Firstly from the picture it looks like you can only fit three fingers in rather than four which leads me to believe this may be uncomfortable.

    The strap will also add extra thickness and cases like the Invision or the older Apple Ipad smart case allows you to roll the front cover up as a stand. They also allow you to fold the front cover back and use it as a good grip which is what the strap here is trying to achieve. I can’t really see the stand being sturdy either.