Don’t Starve This Adorable Bunny In Eets Munchies [Review]


Eets Munchies

I play a lot of games about getting one thing and maybe getting three other things along the way if I can (or feel like it). I just reviewed one Wednesday, in fact. But it’s a solid premise, and as long as getting all those things isn’t boring, developers can keep making them until everyone’s thumbs fall off.

Eets Munchies by Klei Entertainment
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPad
Price: $2.99

Developer Klei Entertainment’s first mobile title, Eets Munchies, is another “one and maybe three” game, but it’s also a clever puzzle title that is equal parts Lemmings and Rube Goldberg. It’s the latest in Klei’s debut series, and it’s interesting to see the company go back to the cutes after its recent dalliances with hyperviolence in games like Shank and Mark of the Ninja.

Don’t let the adorable graphics fool you, though; once you really get into it, this game is to difficulty as cake is to delicious flavor.

Your goal in each level is to get your little bunny friend to the cake dangling from a rope because cake is a noble goal worthy of pursuit. If you’re an overachiever (or just especially hungry), you’ll also want to pick up the three other treats scattered around the screen. But it’s not just about completion; picking up the extra items also helps you unlock things to use in your own custom puzzles in Munchies‘ elaborate and comprehensive level creator.

You have a lot of tools to work with to get to that delicious, yummy cake, including whales that inhale items and launch them out of their blowholes, spring-loaded flowers that can send your long-eared partner flying across the screen, and planks of wood.

Planks of wood are always useful.

More interestingly, you have a few items that your lapine friend can eat that will change his behavior. Red peppers make him angry, which makes him jump farther. Onions make him sad, so he won’t jump at all, and cupcakes return him to his normal, happy state. These extra features make our hero another malleable piece of the cake-obtaining machine you’re building in each level.

Eets Munchies

Eets MunchiesGame Name: : Eets Munchies
The Good: It’s clever with an abundance of personality, and it’s occasionally really difficult.
The Bad: The difficulty could go either way.
The Verdict: It’s a solid puzzler with an abundance of challenge, charm, and variety.
Buy from: App Store – Eets Munchies – Klei Entertainment



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