Apple Releases First Beta Of OS X Mavericks’ Next Update, 10.9.3



It was only a week ago that Apple released OS X 10.9.2, a critical update that fixed a major SSL vulnerability that allowed anyone on the same WiFi network intercept your data.

In Apple World, though, things never stop moving. So here comes OS X 10.9.3’s first beta, which is now available to developers via Software Update or Apple’s developer portal.

There’s no explicit release notes, although Apple has asked developers to focus on graphics and audio. Thankfully missing is any mention of Mail, which has experienced a number of problems since OS X Mavericks was released last October. Perhaps the debacle is finally over.

  • Glenn Gore

    Too bad that 10.9.2 didn’t fix the problem of being unable to shut down any of my Macs that have Google Chrome installed on them. Maybe next time.

  • Blair Benjamin Carmichael

    There are so many other issues that need attention, one of them is why a duo core has to render text slowly every time I type regardless of what else if anything is running.