Unu’s Extreme Battery Pack Charges iPhone 5 Times, Fits In Your Pocket


Unu’s new Enerpak Extreme is an update to my favorite battery backup brick. In fact, I have one here on my desk ready to review, but I thought I’d tell you about it first.

The Enerpak Extreme is a 14,000mAh battery pack that can charge an iPhone or an iPad, or both at the same time. It has two full-sized USB ports, one 1-Amp and one 2.1-Amp, plus a microUSB port for charging the device itself.

Unu says the Enerpak Extreme is best charged overnight, and it can take around six or more hours to fill up (I lost the instruction booklet so I can’t check the exact number, and the website doesn’t list charge time as a spec). Once charged, it’ll fill and iPhone 5 around five times over, and an iPhone 4 six times. That’s enough to get you through a long weekend away, even if you’re using the iPhone’s GPS all the time.

The Enerpak Extreme’s other neat trick is the built-in flashlight. Double-tap the power button and you get a serviceable LED lamp to guide you to the bathroom in that cheap hotel you thought would be a bargain when you booked it (note to self: put up the extra $10 for a private bathroom next time).

I’ll be comparing it to some other battery packs in an upcoming review, but for now it looks like a winner. Plus it’s just $100, which isn’t bad for all that capacity.

Source: Unu
Thanks: Jason!