UpWord Notes, Like Mailbox App For To-Do Lists


I won’t lie. The main reason I checked out Upword Notes is that it sounds like Upstream Color, Shane Carruth’s amazing movie about pigs (some are calling it Babe 3).

But underneath this strange coincidence (surely just another of Carruth’s crazy web of mystery) lies a solid note-taking app, one with some genuinely clever features.

Like all good list apps, this one syncs with Dropbox, works with TextExpander and exports to various places (Twitter, Email, SMS) and various font and view options. What Upword Notes also brings is gestures. Swipe to mark a list item as done, swipe in the other direction to add bullet points or highlight the item.

And you can quickly assign reminders, in a similar way to how Mailbox does it for email: a bezel pops up with quick options for time periods from three hours hence to a month in the future (plus customisable options).

And as if the app wasn’t good enough, the reviews are even better. Take this five-star review by “Carl Kevin & Tom”:

I was skeptical at first paying a dollar for a note app, but this was one dollar well spent. I’ve always dreaded other note taking apps because either they were too complicated, required me to sign-up, or focused too much on to-do lists.

A whole dollar! To-do list apps which focus “too much on to-do lists”!

As Carl Kevin & Tom so rightly point out, this app is just a buck, and it’s available now.

Source: iTunes
Source: Beautiful Pixels