Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Controls Anything. ANYTHING


If non-clicky keyboards are what you’re after, and you don’t like the free one that came with your Mac, then Logitech offers some of the best options around. I own two, that I’ve bought with my own cash money, and if I had an Apple TV or Media Center setup, I’d be seriously considering the new Harmony keyboard and hub, which doesn’t work quite how you think.

The keyboard uses it’s own wireless network, connecting with a dongle that you plug into a USB port. It has a regular QWERTY plus a trackpad and buttons on the right. It also has a few dedicated media keys in addition to the usual volume/play/pause keys.

But then things get weird. The $150 kit contains a Harmony Hub, which talks to the keyboard and turns your keystrokes into IR blasts, Bluetooth waves or Wi-Fi signals. Thus, you can use the keyboard to control pretty much any device you like.

Right now my movie-watching set involves turning my 27-inch iMac around to face the sofa, balancing my keyboard and Magic Trackpad on the arm of that sofa and hooking up whichever speaker is currently in testing (and big enough to actually sound good). What I mean is that I will never be organized enough to need a proper media keyboard, but if you do then the Harmony looks good. And it even works with a companion iOS app.

Source: Logitech