CloudyTabs Sits In Your Menubar, Works With Any Browser


Use Google’s Chrome on your Mac but Safari on your iPad? Do you wish you could use iCloud tabs to open that browser tab that’s open on your iPhone? You need CloudyTabs, a Mac app that puts iCloud Tabs in your menubar, and opens them in your default browser.

Just install the free app and it sits in your menubar, reading from your iCloud Tabs plist file. Click it you’ll see a list of open tabs on all your iDevices, and you can either click to open it in your default browser, or type the first few letters of the title to jump to that tab and hit return to open it.

I can’t get the app to stay open on my iMac (running 10.9.2), but Viticci at Mac Stories has it working just fine. Then again, I use Safari everywhere, so I don’t need it anyway.

Source: GitHub/Josh Parnham
Via: Mac Stories