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Apple Is Working On Making Siri Smarter For The iWatch


One of many iWatch concepts
One of many iWatch concepts

Apple is working on a smarter version of Siri that can interact more closely with third-party apps and services, according to The Information. Right now, Apple has struck deals with partners like Yelp and OpenTable for Siri, but the goal is for the person assistant to work with just about any app.

The report mentions how Siri can’t do things like call a cab or book a hotel room, both of which are common duties of real, personal assistants.

What Apple is allegedly working on would allow Siri to send a message through an app other than iMessage, or look up weather from a different source than Yahoo. The improvements Apple is making to Siri would also work well alongside the rumored iWatch:

“The technology being developed at Apple can also be applied to determine what app to show a user when they have limited screen space, as they would when using a smartwatch the company has been developing. If a user starts running, for example, Siri might show them a fitness app that could help them track their workout while moving other apps into the background.”

How Siri matures will be key for products where voice is the main method of interaction, like CarPlay.

Source: The Information