Tylt Vu Combines Wireless Charging With Handy Dock


The Tylt Vu wireless charger looks like it would make a great iDevice stand, even if it didn’t have an induction charger hidden inside. The idea is that it not only charges your iPhone, but the shape of it means that the iPhone is always positioned in just the right spot to let the magnets do their thing, even if you just toss it into the cradle.

The Tylt Vu works with any Qi-equipped phone, including the iPhone when it is paired with the iQi accessory. There’s very little to say. You just plug the Tylt Vu into a spare USB port or charger and lay the iPhone onto it whenever it needs a little extra juice. I’m a fan of inductive charging, in theory anyway. It’d actually be most useful for an iPad, and I’d like to do it without using a case or dongle that clogs up the Lightning port. This means that Apple will have to build it in, which I don’t see happening for a couple of years at least, especially so soon after the Lightning cable was introduced.

Still, if you’re already in the Qi-charging game, this is worth a look. $70.

Source: Tylt
Via: Uncrate