Television Tracking App Trak TV Show Gets Universal Support



Watching so much True Detective — among other shows — that you need an iOS app to track what it is that you’ve already seen?

To help with this very quandary, and generally to help you sift through the television trash pile for the hidden gems, TV-tracking app Trak TV Show has just received a major update — adding universal support for optimizing the app for iPad and iPad mini, in addition to iPhone and iPod touch.

Trak TV Show’s update also includes the expected iOS 7 update, which means that the interface is simpler and flatter than previously.

The app not only helps you track what it is that you’ve already watched, but also provides additional information about shows, and provides a straightforward one-stop-shop for forthcoming air dates.

As a neat bonus, once a series is added in the app, you don’t need internet access to see its detail — making this perfect to use if you’re on a train, plane, or anywhere else you can’t connect to the network.

Developer Samuel Dutouquet additionally notes that a future update will make Trak TV Show even more useful, as it will allow users to get episodes from the iTunes Store directly from the app.

Trak TV Show is downloadable in the App Store for $1.99.

Source: iTunes