MixTape Pro: A Simple Application For Making Beats And Remixes [Deals]



We all love our music and MixTape is all about that elusive perfect mix.

MixTape Pro will help you create, experiment, and publish the results onto the web or directly into iTunes. You can share your pro creations with friends or jam out by yourself. And right now you can save a bunch of money on MixTape Pro because Cult of Mac Deals has this simple and elegant app available for 50% off during this limited time offer. That’s right – you can get MixTape Pro for just $24.99!

Developed with adherence to Apple’s standards, it integrates seamlessly with OS X and features a simple interface despite being an extremely powerful program. With beat matching, envelope and hi/lo controls, you have full control to take your mixes from amateur to professional quality. A ‘one click’ export into iTunes or straight onto the web (with no additional services or accounts) makes getting your mixes to where they should be simple.

The top features of MixTape Pro include:

  • Pro quality beat matching for beginners.
  • Elegant GUI and tutorial videos.
  • Export to iTunes or straight onto the web.
  • Pro users can play live.
  • Import and export uncompressed audio.

Whether you’re a music lover or you’ve ever thought about making your own mixes, MixTape Pro is an application that’ll make your music mixing experience beautiful and easy. You can get MixTape Pro for just $24.99 here.

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