Flappy Bird Lives On In Paris Street Tribute


(Credit: Streetartnews)
(Credit: Streetartnews)

Flappy Bird may be gone from the App Store, but that’s not to say it’s been forgotten.

French urban artist Invader — whose work appropriates the pixelated look of 8-bit video games — just unveiled a giant piece of street art in Paris depicting the iconic pipe-dodging avian itself.

For readers in France, the piece can be checked out at 81 Rue De La Boetie.

Marking Invader’s 1088th artwork in Paris, the Flappy Bird reproduction stands as a testimony to just how culturally important smartphones and mobile platforms such as iOS are, in the sense that one popular app can become globally recognized within an incredibly short space of time.

At its height, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen was reportedly raking in $50,000 per day from game-related ad revenue. Last week a study of apps being submitted to the App Store suggests that 1/3 of all games submitted were Flappy Bird clones.

The Flappy Bird design became iconic seemingly overnight.
The Flappy Bird design became iconic seemingly overnight.

For other people, Invader’s design may simply serve as a metaphor for a life filled with endless pipes to fly through, annoying background music, and crushed attempts to beat high scores.

However you want to read it, really.

Source: Street Art News

Via: Business Insider