Intel Snaps Up Health Tracking Smartwatch Maker Basis For $100M+



Intel has reportedly acquired wristwatch health tracking company Basis Science for between $100 – $150 million.

Basis — which was allegedly shopping itself around to potential buyers including Apple, Google, and Microsoft —  currently occupies around 7% of the market with its Basis Health Tracker Watch, versus competitor Jawbone’s 21%.


Given Intel’s recent enthusiasm about all things wearable tech, the acquisition is designed to strengthen the company’s expansion into this field — since it is currently playing catchup with rivals such as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics, which are providing the bulk of sensors for wearables.

Whether Intel simply outbid competitors to acquire Basis, or whether other suitors passed, isn’t known at this stage.

Many have speculated that Apple’s widely-reported iWatch will include health-tracking functions similar to those included in the Basis product, which features optical blood flow capabilities for tracking heart rate patterns throughout the day; a 3-axis accelerometer for tracking body movement; a perspiration monitor for recording workout intensity; and a skin temperature monitor for indicating exertion levels.

Source: Tech Crunch