Jumper Card Packs Lightning, 30-Pin And MicroUSB Into Credit Card-Sized Package


Back in the 1980s, and probably continuing into the 1990s, every neat gadget was shoehorned into a credit-card-shaped form factor. Magnifying glass? Credit-card-sized. Vinyl record de-duster? Credit-card-sized. And so on.

The Jumper Card continues this excellent heritage by putting a Lightning charger, a 30-pin dock connector and a microUSB charger into the same credit-card-sized package, ready to be slipped into your pocket. But not your wallet, because, like all “credit-card-sized” gadgets, this one is way too thick.

The Jumper is nice and simple. One pop-out cable ends in a USB plug to hook up to a Mac or a charger. The other cable has a three-way charging shuriken on the end, offering the three most common terminations, letting you charge iDevices old and new, plus anything that uses a microUSB cable – your Kindle for instance.

And that’s it. The Jumper Card is $25 (pre-orders ship later this month) and charges everything you have. Grab one now.

Source: Jumper Card