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Plink, An Image Uploader For All iOS Text Editors


Did you ever try to write a blog post on your iPad? It’s easy, right? But did you ever try to add an image to that post? It’s a major pain in the ass. Plink is here to fix that. It’s an iOS app that will upload a photo to its own storage cloud, and generate a URL that is automatically copied to your clipboard. All you need to do is switch back to your writing app and paste it in.

And of course this isn’t just for bloggers. Anywhere you need to link an image – forum posts for example – you can use Plink.

Plink is currently seeking funding from developer Jeff Mueller. Once he hits his $2,500 goal, he’ll finish the app and release if for free on the app store. And if he manages to scare up $3,500, he’ll add a bunch of different places you can upload you photos to.

Plink (Picture Link) stores your images in your storage bin, so you’ll need an account to use it. Free accounts get 500MB, paid accounts 10GB. Once uploaded, Plink saves any of the following links to your clipboard:

  • Plain URL
  • HTML image tag
  • Markdown image tag
  • HTML link to your image
  • Markdown link to your image

It also supports some URL schemes, so a writing app could call Plink, let you upload a picture and automatically return to the app, dropping the link into your text without further interaction from you.

There are a couple of similar options already out there. Shoots & Leaves does the same thing for Dropbox, minus the URL schemes or image picker (it only works with photos you take in-app) and Shares for Flickr does the same for Flickr.

Plink, however, offers some great integration through those URL schemes and will hopefully let you upload to many services.