‘Balance Book’ Will Tell You How Much Money You Have, Like, Right Now


Balance Book

Balance Book is a simple, easy, clean way to track your income and expenses on a daily or monthly level. You set up categories and assign colors to keep them straight, and then you just make entries based on how much money you bring in or spend. It automatically calculates your net values to give you an idea of where you are on any given day.

Now I know that I’m probably spending way too much money on sour bears. But in my defense, they are delicious.

Source:Balance Book – Free | Tree Planet

  • Mark Langston

    Too much data entry. I’ve found that most of these bank register and book balancing apps take too much time to enter transactions.

    I’m trying to get into the habit of entering everything I do but often forget. The best and quickest app I’ve found is called Spender. Allows you to enter transactions with two taps and the amount. Really fast and really easy.

    I’m also not fond of the ads in Balance Book.