Check Out This Animated Re-Imagining Of The iPhone Introduction [Video]



With yesterday being Steve Jobs’ birthday, Apple fans chose to mark the occasion in different ways. Marketing agency Easy Explain Video celebrated the life of Apple’s late CEO by creating an animated version of Jobs’ iconic iPhone introduction at the 2007 Macworld San Francisco.

Speaking with Cult of Mac, Easy Explain Video emphasized the enormous impact Apple has had on creatives.

“We wanted to make this video to honor Steve Jobs on his birthday,” said Gabriel Sarkadi, CEO of the marketing agency, which has previously worked for clients including Telekom, Telenor, KIA, and Suzuki. “We thought that a nice way to do that was to remember and re-imagine his legendary presentation of the iPhone using his own voice and kinetic typography. In the video we follow through the milestones of Apple’s design development as well. Given that the Mobile World Congress is currently being held in Barcelona — and the iPhone launch was the moment that changed mobile communication as we know it — we also felt it was suitable in relation with the congress.”

The video was created using Adobe programs including Illustrator, After Effects and Premier.

The overall effect is pretty striking, and it would definitely be wonderful to see some of Jobs’ other product introductions done in this way. (The NeXTcube, which used a clip from the Wizard of Oz to show the computer’s transition from gray scale to color, is a personal obscure favorite.)

Any takers?

Source: Easy Explain Video

  • Mark Langston

    I’m not ashamed to say that I still watch this part of the presentation from time to time. Such a wonderful and historic moment. The reaction of the crowd on, “…the 2nd”.

    R.I.P. Jobs. You’re missed.

  • judda

    God I miss Steve’s presentations this almost brought tears to my eyes.

    RIP Steve ‘oh wow, oh wow, oh wow’ even at the end he totally sold me on Dying !

  • jon

    yeah i cried a little and then went and watched the entire keynote and cried a little more i do admit. at the apple store in valley fair whenever i talk to employees they are always so knowledgeable, passionate and full of sorrow when the talk about the late Steve Jobs.