The Rainbowers: A Fun Puzzle Time, But Boy Are They Ugly [Review]


The Rainbowers

I’m all about helping cute animals get home or get candy or whatever. Believe me, I am. But I’m also kind of a hypocrite because the most important word in that first sentence is “cute.” Give me a yeti or a little alien or whatever the hell Om Nom is in Cut the Rope, and I’ll give them whatever they want.

Rainbowers by Ezeme
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

Show me something like the title characters in The Rainbowers, however … I mean, I’ll still do it. But I’ll look around first to see if any fuzzy bunnies need help gathering carrots or something.

But the game is fun, despite my terrible, terrible prejudice.

The Rainbowers
The game includes 90 puzzles.

So here’s what’s up: A family of Rainbowers lives in Rainbow Valley where they eat color drops that drip from rainbows like some kind of especially jacked-up Skittles commercial. One day, a tornado rips through their peaceful valley and destroys the rainbow, scattering its color drops everywhere.

Now, it’s up to you to make sure the drops get back to their rightful places in the Rainbowers’ bizarre glass tummies, and that’s where the puzzles happen.

Just … ugh.

The drops are all ensnared in spiderwebs, and the Rainbowers stand below. You get them to fall by combining individual drops into larger ones; it takes three small drops to make the whole thing fall down, and moving one drop affects others. The catch is that the Rainbowers are color-coded, and they’ll only eat the same-colored drops. Releasing unmatching colors costs you points.

The game slowly introduces new mechanics like black drops that don’t go anywhere, duo-colored drops that can mix with multiple colors, and universal drops that can combine with anything. Some Rainbowers even need to eat odd numbers of drops that you can only achieve by lining everything up just right.

It all gets wonderfully complicated and starts requiring more planning and strategy, so even though the little beasties are kinda gross-looking, it’s still satisfying to help them out.

The RainbowersGame Name: : The Rainbowers
The Good: Clever puzzles with a gentle difficulty curve and cute music.
The Bad: I wish the hint system just showed the next move instead of showing you how to solve the entire thing.
The Verdict: It’s a smart and increasingly complex title that will keep puzzle lovers occupied and entertained.
Buy from: App Store – The Rainbowers – Ezeme