Will You Get SurveyMonkey’s New App? Yes, No, Or Maybe



The world’s leading online survey platform SurveyMonkey finally has an app available in the App Store — letting iOS users on the move create surveys and polls, send them to out, and then monitor the result as they come back in.

The SuveyMonkey app describes its abilities as including the functionality to,

• Create and manage surveys and data with ease with our straightforward mobile interface
• Access your survey results wherever you are, whenever you need them
• Collect survey responses through email, your website, or social media
• Get real-time results as they roll in
• Use our powerful analytics tool to turn data into insights by filtering, comparing, and analyzing results
• Get reliable data when you choose from over 160 expert-certified survey templates
• Gain peace of mind knowing we use the most advanced technology to keep your data safe
• Export survey results as PDF, Excel, and CSV files

While SurveyMonkey is free to download and use, the developers are also adding select PRO features which can be unlocked through either monthly payments of $23.99 or an annual subscription of $199.99. Both PRO subscriptions offer unlimited questions and filters, the addition of a company logo, professional survey templates, and priority customer support.

The annual plan also gives you unlimited responses, compared to the monthly PRO plan which provides a 1,000 response limit each month (with a $0.15 charge per additional response).

Source: iTunes