Astro Golf Takes Your Putting Game To New Heights [Video]



Everyone loves mini golf, but how do you make mini golf even better? By adding robots, of course. And by having it take place in outer space.

Helping Orbit the Robot and his ladyfriend Tess find their way home, Astro Golf players must participate in a variety of space-themed mini golf challenges — involving dodging black holes and avoiding a plethora of spaceship-related impediments.

Featuring high-end 3-D graphics, a character-based story ark (and let’s face it: how many golf games have compelling story modes?), and 50 different holes to play — including numerous unlockable bonus levels — Astro Golf is hoping to take home the title of best mini golf game available for iOS.

There are even three different play modes to add replay value and keep the game fresh, alongside wacky plugins which let you gain the ability to beat traps, ramp up to warp speed, and even defy gravity.

Astro Golf is available in the App Store for $1.99 — with a launch special offer giving you 50% off the regular price.

Source: iTunes