iThoughts Notes App Fixes Up iPhone Text Selection


Text selection on iOS is still a pain in the ass. Some apps fix it up with extra buttons above the virtual keyboard, but Thoughts 2, an iPhone notes app, adds extra buttons to the text selection itself. This makes it easy to expand and contract the selection one character at a time which – given the fickle nature of text fields in iOS – should help a lot.

As you type, there’s a persistent “text-grabber” that sprouts from the caret, or text insertion point. You can tap the arrows on this grabber to move the cursor one click to the left or right. Of you double-tap a word, it becomes highlighted, and these grabber buttons appear at either end of the selection so you can tweak it letter-by-letter.

It’s simple, and clever. I especially like that the controls are always right there in the text you’re manipulating, unlike extra keyboard buttons that mimic the desktop computer paradigm instead of the touch-screen way of doing things.

I just wish this was built in to iOS, because the last thing I need is another note-taking app. Available now for $5.

Source: iTunes
Via: Mac Sparky