Satechi F1 Smart Stand Has Nothing To Do With Cars


Satechi’s new F1 Smart Monitor Stand really is smart, apart from the name which almost had me tossing it into the email trash because I thought it was a car-themed novelty accessory.

In reality, it’s a little stand for your iMac or your Cinema Display, only it comes with a built-in USB hub with headphone and microphone ports. WHY HAS NOBODY THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?

The idea is that you hide your computer under the table or – in the case of the Mac Mini – under the stand itself, plug in a USB cable and the sound hookups, and then pop the monitor on top. Now, when you want to plug in an accessory, you don’t have to hunt around the back of your computer. You have everything up at the front.

It works for laptops too, giving you a lift as well as a simple docking station, and whatever you use you get a space to stow your keyboard and keep the desk tidy.

The weight limit is 20 pounds, though, which means you mightn’t want to put a fully-loaded last-gen iMac 27-inch on top (although the new one is cool, almost).

The stand is $40, currently on offer at $30.

Source: Satechi
Thanks: Valerie!