Class Up Your iPad Mini With The Outstanding Macleay Folio [Review]



I’ve long been a fan of minimalist protection for my personal iPads, using a green Smart Cover for the non-retina iPad mini I still favor as my main reading and web surfing device.

Macleay Folio by Toffee
Category: iPad Cases
Works With: iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina
Price: $49.95

When I got the Toffee case in the mail, however, I might have detected a bit of jealousy from the Smart Cover, which has gotten rather grimy and well-used over the past several months as I move the iPad mini from bag to bag, house to car seat, bag to coffee house table, and such.

The Macleay Folio comes in a very classy box, all recycled cardboard and slide out inner pieces. The folio itself peeks out through the clear front of the packaging with a classy style that promises a higher-class iPad mini experience. It’s ostensibly marketed for the iPad mini with Retina display, but as both models of iPad mini are essentially the same, the Folio will work with either.

I took some time with the Folio to figure out if the classiness was worth hiding my mini inside of.

Waxed canvas just feels so...nice.
Waxed canvas just feels so…nice.
First off, just look at that waxed canvas and tasteful leather trim. It’s beautiful, is it not? The look and feel of this thing is like a rare collector’s edition hard-bound book, freshly slipped from the tender embrace of other volumes of its ilk from a tall bookcase in your own personal library.

The leather clasp on the right of the case wraps around from front to back, lovingly sliding into a leather strap on the back of the Folio to hold the cover closed, tightly comfortable without being difficult to use. The Toffee logo is gently pressed into another leather badge, itself stitched carefully in the lower left corner of the front piece. There are cut out sections on the rear of the deliciously tactile case for your iPad mini camera, as well as a magnet embedded in the front flap to activate the iPad wake/sleep feature.

Mmmmm - gray suede.
Mmmmm – gray suede.
Opening up the Macleay Folio, you’ll find a tastefully neutral gray suede, with an nameplate ready to accept your Name, Phone, and Email for that moment when someone finds your iPad mini and realizes it is so posh that they must return it to you post-haste. The grey suede continues to the right of the open Folio in a lovely envelope-style holder area. There’s a flap that tucks under the mini after you’ve slid it in, and there are holes open for your microphone and Sleep/Wake button up top and your power port and speaker grilles down below.

The Toffee case beats out the Smart Cover in terms of solidity for placing the iPad into upright landscape mode and even typing mode. The front flap of the Folio bends around to the back, and the leather securing flap slides into the rear strap the opposite way, holding the newly-created triangular configuration incredibly well. Whether you’re watching a video or swiping through Facebook, the Folio has enough heft to it for using at either angle, though the lower, typing-table configuration is obviously quite a bit more stable, as it would have to be.

Typing is pretty solid on this thing.
Typing is pretty solid on this thing.
My niggling issue with the Folio case has more to do with the material, in that the cut outs for speaker and mic and such aren’t always precisely aligned on the areas they are supposed to reveal. A quick adjustment to the iPad mini is all it takes to make things line up better, though, so it’s not the end of things at all.

The weight and bulk of the Folio are manageable, though adding a full wrap around case like this will thicken your iPad mini up a bit. Whether this is a huge issue for you or not is going to be an individual choice. I, for one, really like the way the iPad looks in its fancy new waxed canvas jacket, and I’m willing to let go of my previous need to show off the device itself. Maybe I’m just getting old.

In the final call, Toffee’s Macleay Folio iPad mini case is a beautiful marriage of form and function, with a classy look and feel due in large part to the tasteful color scheme and alluring ratio of real leather to waxed canvas. The build quality is extremely high, and I’m enjoying the way the Folio makes my iPad look more at home on a table in a used bookstore.

DSC05177Product Name: : Macleay Folio
The Good: Solidly built, gorgeously trimmed out; makes me feel fancy.
The Bad: Needs adjustment for perfect hole alignment; hides the iPad vibe.
The Verdict If you’re looking for a subtly stylish full wrap-around folio-style case, look no further.
Buy from: Toffee


  • Brandon Liu

    this thing looks like some of the case you can find at the Max for $9.99, nothing to write home about.