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Realmac’s To-Do App Clear App Is Going To Be Free Soon


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Love Clear, the slick iPhone to-do app? So do we. But if you’ve never tried Clear before — or if you bought Clear+ and want the minus version without paying for it — you’ll soon be able to download it, free of charge.

Here’s the sitch. When iOS 7 was first released, the original version of Clear was removed from the App Store, and replaced it with an app with the same name: a Universal version of Clear that supported iPad, as well as various iOS 7 improvements. But Clear devs Realmac ended up dealing with a lot of backlash from fans, so they renamed the iOS 7 app ‘Clear+’ and re-uploaded the original app as Clear.

Got it? Good. The problem for Realmac now is they want owners of Clear+ to switch to Clear, so that they can consolidate both versions of the Clear app and keep them both updated at the same time. Since Apple doesn’t give developers a migration mechanism in the App Store, the way they intend on doing this is by offering Clear as a free download for two 24 hour periods, to make sure that people can download the app if they want.

Considering the regular price of Clear is $4.99, and it has never been free, this is quite the deal. Unfortunately, there’s no telling yet when the app will go free. To know when it’s going to go gratis, you’ll have to sign up for an alert.