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Eliss Infinity Improves Upon An Already Amazing Game [Review]


Eliss Infinity

The original Eliss wowed everyone back in 2009 with its multitouch controls, cool music, and increasingly frantic gameplay. Now, we have Eliss Infinity, which includes the original game and a few more modes to keep even veteran players interested.

Eliss Infinity by Steph Thirion
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99

Eliss is a puzzle/action/insanity game in which you have to manipulate the sizes of “planets” to make them fit inside of rings. You do this by combining smaller ones by dragging them into each other or splitting larger ones by pulling them apart with your thumbs. But differently colored planets can’t touch, or they’ll eat each other away.

That’s the basic idea. But Infinity has a lot more to offer.

With those few basic rules — and a few extra wrinkles like black holes that move across the screen and eat your planet — the base Eliss game provides 25 levels of increasingly frantic gameplay. But Infinity also includes an endless, arcade-style mode that is all about keeping combos going and racking up points, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And it also has a practice/casual/kid mode called Spacebox which just lets you mess around with planets in a less stressful environment.

Infinity has a lot more to offer.

All of this is excellent, and since Infinity costs exactly the same as the original Eliss, it’s hard to pass up, even if you’re a returning player. And the new functionality features like warnings when a planet is going to spawn too close to one of a different color are a welcome addition.

The only real disappointment is that the new modes aren’t available at the start; you have to play through the first five levels to unlock Infinite Mode and the first 10 before you can access Spacebox. It’s minor, I guess, but people who have mastered the original could probably do without the repeat to get to the new content.

Eliss InfinityGame Name: : Eliss Infinity
The Good: It’s the same game that everyone fell in love with in 2009, plus enough new content to make it worth your while.
The Bad: You have to play through the original game to unlock the new modes.
The Verdict: Whether you’ve played the original or not, this is worth checking out. It’s the definitive Eliss experience.
Buy from: App Store – Eliss Infinity – Steph Thirion



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