Griffin iPad Survivor Harness [Dorkwear]


How about an iPad accessory so dorky, so unashamedly utilitarian that even the Android-using Killian Bell just dared me to wear one around this year’s Mobile World Congress? Interested? Good. It’s the Survivor Harness from Griffin, and it is so named becasue if you wear it, you’ll struggle to survive the taunts and humiliation it will surely bring.

The harness hooks up to the $80 Survivor case, and turns it into a wearable, uh, bagstation, which is a kind of cross between a bag and a workstation. The single strap slings it over a shoulder, and you can swing it around the front to use it, There’s a built-in rain cover (or thief-cover I guess, as it also hides the iPad from prying eyes), and the harness has its own little zip-up pouch that sits behind the iPad like a backpack and acts as a cradle for your hand. Thus equipped you could carry everything you need around on your shoulder.

It’s pretty neat, in practical terms. In actual take-outside-in-public terms, though, its a fashion disaster. Want one? You know you do. It’s just $30.

Source: Griffin