Snippefy App Reads And Shares Kindle Notes


Snippefy takes the almost-useless highlights from your Kindle and syncs them to Evernote, Dropbox or anywhere that’ll accept text. It’s an iPhone-only app, but as it’s only really there for processing your snippets to use somewhere else, it’s fine for the iPad too.

The app is free, with an-app purchases to add Dropbox and Evernote support, and it’s U.S-only, so prospective European customers are out of luck.

The app looks fantastic, and I’ve downloaded it. I take and make a lot of notes and highlights on the Kindle, but actually using them later is a real pain. Who the hell wants to do that in the Kindle app, or at Amazon’s site? Amazon probably has some copyright thing going on with publishers that prevents sending snippets of text to other services, but really, notes belong in a notes app.

I haven’t yet tried the app, though. Why? It needs my Amazon login details, the same ones I use to buy everything from Amazon. I have no reason to think the developer is anything but awesome, but still, I’m not giving my house keys to a stranger.

Which is a shame, as I would really love better access to my Kindle’s notes.

Snippefy is available now in the U.S App Store.

  • Nathan

    Hey Charlie, thanks for writing up your thoughts about the app.
    I can understand your hesitation in providing your Amazon credentials to access the app. Since your highlights and notes are tied to your account, it’s the only way we could make the app work. As per our privacy policy and terms of use, we don’t store passwords. We may store your email address with YOUR permission. Otherwise we don’t store it either.
    I hope you’ll give it a test run. I can always be reached directly at

  • Christina

    Won’t accept my amazon login info…

  • lukestoltenberg

    I wish it was available on the Australian or Japanese store. It’s very inconvenient having to constantly switch between stores to update apps and create new accounts to download apps that aren’t available internationally.

  • Sophie Windsor

    Great app – thanks for the recommendation. I’d also like to recommend – looks like it does the same but doesn’t need your Amazon password