MacBook Pro Proves That Windows Users Are Hairy, Hooting Cavemen [Humor]



How bad does the other half — those who have never owned a MacBook — have it?

Pretty bad, as this hysterical video showing what Macgasm (tongue-in-cheek?) says are a trio of Norwegian Microsoft employees hurling around a MacBook Pro between themselves like the early hominid apes in the Dawn of Man section of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

So oblivious are they to the fact that this shiny wedge of unibody aluminum is a laptop, that they blindly destroy it, hooting and hollering as if they could never even envision a laptop that wasn’t made of cheap black plastic. Which, surely, many PC owners can’t.

Via: Macgasm

  • Jon Arild Aanestad

    They aren’t MS employees. They are hosts on the most popular radio show in Norway. Still funny though.

    Source: regular listener :)

    • PMB01

      Not funny at all. Stupid, pointless video. These guys are morons.

  • Prajeth Nagaraja

    And if you try destroying a PC, it’ll break apart the first time you drop it LOLOL

  • Morons. I certainly would never do this to a MacBook Pro, but I wouldn’t do it to a generic Windows laptop either. What’s the point? When my MacBook Pro fell onto a hard tile floor a few months ago, it was a horrifying experience. A lot of the laptops produced by Apple’s competitors look like crap, but I still have an appreciation for technology and respect for the hard earned dollars it took to buy that technology.

  • Steve_Sava

    At least it was not a current model but many versions ago.. still silly to do, as it could of been donated to those in need of tech.. surprised videos of bashing tech are still made.

  • Patricia Slice

    Dumb, stupid, useless, witless, unintelligent, …..and on and on….

  • Barrett Jasper

    What retards….A windows laptop would have shattered on first drop so this is pointless and also, why not donate it to a school or something unless it was already dead and had a bad logic board or something. Meh.

  • kommentz

    Oh. Haha, this is funny like when the mother of a newborn wraps the baby in a towel and tosses it into a 7-11 dumpster, right? Oh so funny. Can’t stop not laughing.

  • pointless! not funny at all, rather frustrating in most ways!!